Daoudco was established in Jordan in 1977 and is a leader in the field of manufacturing high quality tailored polyethylene films for agricultural, industrial and multiple uses. With an annual production capacity of over 50,000 tons and a cutting edge 5 layer co-extrusion blown film machinery among its variety of production lines, Daoudco remains the forerunner in producing quality polyethylene products for the region as well as contributing to the advancement of the Jordanian economy

Mission & Vision

Produce quality polyethylene products for various climates


Daoudco is among the first worldwide to own one of the largest 5 Layer Co-extrusion machines for agricultural and geo-membrane films. The companies cutting edge multi-layer technology can produce up to 16 meters in width and operates a thorough automation process which allows for accurate feeding, dosing, and blending of high quality raw materials which guarantees homogeneous blends and ensures good dispersion of additives in different layers without negative interactions


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